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Open Source Profile

Welcome To PIPL Open Source Services               

We provide low cost developer services for customers who use open source Applications such as LINUX, Ubuntu, BOSS, FEDORA, CentOS and SUSE. Our experience has also fed the development of several useful add-ons for these  distributions (Applications) which are available for technical support at low cost .

Our popular extensions to the LINUX, Ubuntu, BOSS, FEDORA, CentOS and SUSE open source include:

1.       Migrations from windows to Linux

2.       Installation of General application on Open Source Operating systems

a.       Open Office  / Office Applications

b.      DTP Application like The GIMP, Scribus and many other applications

c.       Firefox, Thunderbird.

d.      Accounting Applications Tally ERP

3.       Mail server Setup

4.       File Server Setup

5.       Facility Management System

6.       CVS Setup

7.       DNS

8.       DHCP

9.       Open Source Software Training

10.   Remote Technical Support for our Clients

11.   VPN Support

12.   Virtualization

All our products (services ) have free versions and more feature-rich premium versions.

We also take on programming projects of any size pertaining to these Open Source Services such as the C, C++ /  Embedded Systems